Physician Compensation Software

Streamline Your Operation


Simpliphy your day to day operations by paying your physicians accurately and reducing the need for tedious, time-consuming manual processes.

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Ensure accuracy & compliance by replacing spreadsheets & manual calculations

Simply enter the compensation model into Simpliphy and import the production, payroll, and other earnings data to calculate statements.

Reduce Complexity

Manage one source of data

Spend less time by managing one source of data instead of several. The software standardizes the manual processes that are often managed by multiple people in different ways.

Scale to Any Size

Manage 1,000 physicians as easily as 100

Maintain millions of data records in a single-source to scale quickly. Standardizing the calculations and physician communication process saves time and provides transparency.

Provide Insight

Get a high level snapshot of your data

View early warning flags for fair market value, deficits, and compensation and administrative hour caps to name a few. Alerts provide a high level overview to highlight the most important information from month to month.


Powerful Features and Flexible Integrations


Every organization is different and Simpliphy is built to accommodate. Setup and training takes days not months and our platform is flexible enough to integrate with any system already in place.

Implementation & Training

Train your analysts & physicians quickly

We get it; financial software isn’t always easy and your time is important. That’s why Simpliphy’s setup takes days, not months, and requires minimal training.

Multiple Contract Management

Seamlessly manage multiple compensation models

Salary Guarantees, Draw, Stipends, Production Tiers, Rolling Average Production, Quality, Shifts, Hours, Group Models, and much more. Intuitive design makes it simple to manage multiple compensation models simultaneously.

Physician Access

Quickly setup physician logins

Physicians can view their own user-friendly statements, production and payroll detail, and documents. The statements were designed with input from physicians about the information they would like communicated to them.

Custom EMR & Payroll Integration

Works seamlessly with any EMR and Payroll system

Simpliphy accepts standard files from your current EMR and Payroll systems. Unique import process allows the software to accept multiple sources of data to calculate compensation.



We’ve got you covered with hourly database back ups, daily server back ups, regular security audits, data encryption, and so much more.


Lifetime Product Support

Updated regularly to remain at the forefront of physician compensation best practices. Our flexible framework allows new features and compensation models to be added quickly. And all users get the benefits and features of always being up-to-date on our latest version.


Learn how Simpliphy can help your organization today.

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